Want Extra Spaces in Your HDB?

Many Singaporeans live in a HDB flat with really small bedrooms. However, there are also many people in Singapore who live in bigger houses who just want to downsize to a new HDB for example in Tampines

When you start living in a smaller HDB flat, you will definitely have to do some space planning and compromises to your home decoration to fit everything perfectly. Here are some simple methods to make a small space look bigger.

1. Leaving empty spaces around

The first trick is really considering a suitable placement of furniture or big home decoration pieces in your new home. Some of them like to place all of your items near the wall or squeeze them near to one another in a corner of your house, thinking that it will make the room more spacious, it is wrong.

The proper way is by setting your furniture at an angle with some surrounding space. This can quickly help create an illusion that you have a spacious home. This is a definitely must-try home décor hack if you have a small living room area.

2. Mirror

Mirrors are used by many in the hotel and restaurant, salon and entertainment business to create mood. Mirrors can take any shape depending personally on the character of the person and taste. Mirrors can definitely help make spaces look much bigger as they reflect the illusion of depth. 

They are also able to reflect both natural and artificial light to make your home look brighter during day and night. For homeowners, there are many ways you can explore putting up a mirror in your home. You can opt for a few small mirrors grouped together or a statement mirror that can double up as a beautiful art piece too.

3. Building floor to ceiling shelves

Consider having your home contractor to install a floor to ceiling shelving The reason is because these shelving units will make the ceiling of your HDB flat look taller. Likewise, these shelves are also a great storage option for household ornaments as well as the avid reader. Keep in mind not to over pack your shelves to its maximum load as it would clutter up your home. 

Try to leave some empty spaces for a cleaner effect. If you are looking for ways to organise your shelve further, consider purchasing small and cute storage boxes and baskets. They can serve as small home décor pieces while neatly keeping your items.

4. Choose light and soft paintings

Dark tones can make your home look beautiful and warm. But they tend to absorb the natural light and make a space look much smaller. Use light and soft colours like white, light blue, light green and etc to make your living space look much bigger and brighter.

Scientifically, light colours will reflect light and make your living space feel more open. Paint your walls in soft colours such as light grey or soft pink, or other bright colours that go well with your colour palette and furniture at home. Painting your home is definitely one of the fastest and cheaper ways as compared to a complete HDB renovation makeover.

5. Never stop decluttering.

Let’s be honest, when we live in a smaller HDB, there is definitely lesser available space after placing all our furniture and home décor pieces. It is key that we declutter our home once at least every three months. Decluttering every day is a chore, and nobody likes doing chores and hard work. However, step by step, little by little, we can maintain a tidier look and truly enjoy a clutter-free living space. 

Plan to declutter room by room instead of just randomly selecting areas to work on. This way, you will be more organized as to where has been cleaned up. Next, donate items which you have not used for the past year and not keeping them for no reason.

This is because if you have forgotten about this item for one year, it means that you no longer need this item. You should also throw away stuff that is in bad condition instead of keeping them.

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