Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T at The Starhill Kuala Lumpur

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Soon, Ramadan will be coming. Along with Ramadan, there's Aidilfitri. So, what Eid preparations have you made? If you are still in the preparation mood to find Raya items and clothes, you can go to the Super T Destinasi Fashion Festival.

The Super T Destination Fashion Festival themed "Kampung Bougie" is organized by 4 female entrepreneurs, who are also the owners of 4 brands (Azrena Aziz - TudungPeople, Yana Khairuddin and Hazwan Faiz - CalaQisya/Asal Lelaki, Sarah Shah Nor - CUURA, Sumayyah Nasaruddin - Olloum ).

More interestingly, these 4 local brands are launching their latest products and Raya 2024 collection only at Destinasi Super T.! Grab the opportunity to buy products from these 4 brands at exclusive prices and receive special items from Super T!

Destinasi Super T Festival
๐Ÿ“Atrium, The Starhill Kuala Lumpur.
๐Ÿ“† 22 February - 3 March 2024.
๐Ÿ•ฐ️ 10 am - 10 pm.
Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T at The Starhill Kuala Lumpur

Throughout the 11-day event, visitors can participate in a variety of exciting activities and experiences, including exclusive product launches, health talks, and special promotions. Here are some of the activities that will be happening:

✅ TP GOLD MEMBERS RAYA ACTIVATION & LAUNCH: 23 February 2024 (1.00pm)
TudungPeople will launch TP Gold Members Raya Activation where they will feature exclusive offers and surprises.

✅ OLLOUM: DIETITIAN TALK & JUICING FROM CUURA: 26 February 2024 (12pm-1pm)
Olloum and CUURA will hold a lecture session on health and fitness along with a demonstration of juice production.

✅ OLLOUM: WELLNESS TALK: 27 February 2024 (12.00pm - 1.00pm)
Olloum will lead a wellness talk, providing insight into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

✅ CUURA: SKIN TALK WITH DR INGKY - CUURA: 28 February 2024 (12.00pm - 1.00pm)
Working with Dr. Ingky to discuss skin care tips and techniques.

✅ ENTREPRENEURSHIP TALK - 29 February 2024 (10.00am - 11.00am)
Participants can gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship from industry experts.

Chance to get special items and merchandise from Super T.

Azrena Aziz - TudungPeople, Yana Khairuddin and Hazwan Faiz - CalaQisya/Asal Lelaki, Sarah Shah Nor - CUURA, Sumayyah Nasaruddin - Olloum

Brands That Are Participating in Raya Fashion Festival 
Destinasi Super T at The Starhill Kuala Lumpur

✨ TudungPeople

With the motto "Crafted by the community, for the community" TudungPeople was inspired by Fazrena Aziz with a vision to provide accessible hijabs to everyone. With a collection of over 100 different designs and patterns, they strive to create comfortable and stylish hijabs suitable for every woman.

Known for supporting the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon and those who play sports in Malaysia, TudungPeople has grown from humble beginnings to become a well-known hijab brand in Malaysia and abroad.

By working with distributors around the world, they ensure the availability of high-quality, fashion-modern, and decent hijabs to customers worldwide.

Although an exclusive physical store in Malaysia, TudungPeople International operates through a network of 12 distributors in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe, providing business opportunities and support globally.

Founder of  the brand TudungPeople, Azrena Aziz

TudungPeople at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T


Founded in 2008 when the fashion industry was still limited, CalaQisya was founded by three brothers, has grown rapidly starting with just robes and dresses. Affectionately known as "Calaqueens," their customers enjoy designs that prioritize comfort and joy, crafted from carefully selected fabrics.

CalaQisya aims to be the leading choice for modest clothing, accompanying individuals starting their daily journey. This well-known brand chooses high quality natural yarns and minimizes the use of polyester in their products.

In conjunction with Raya 2024 and Destinasi Super T CalaQisya launched the long awaited collection, calaraya2024 along with the Nyawa campaign.

CalaQisya at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T

CalaQisya at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T

Asal Lelaki

Supporting CalaQisya, Asal Lelaki, is a menswear brand led by Yana Khairuddin's husband Hazwan Faiz, offers clothing for men. Asal Lelaki started 2 years ago as a sub brand from CalaQisya. Started selling raya clothes during MCO and from there the brand continued to develop clothing designs that define everyday comfort.

Last year, Asal Lelaki was invited to participate in KLFW and has successfully brought 12 collections on the KLFW stage. This year, they have also been invited to take part in the prestigious event again.

CalaQisya and Asal Lelaki often collaborate through their social media marketing videos, addressing both men and women, while supporting each other as successful entrepreneurs and as married couples and heads of families.

Asal Lelaki at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T

Asal Lelaki at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T


CUURA, founded by Sarah Shah Nor of Modvier Malaysia, addresses the market need for skin care products that emphasize the benefits of natural ingredients. When CUURA was developed, no other skin care brand focused on sensitive skin, while too many brands focused on "white in 3 days". 

Their flagship product, Pure Beauty Oil, blends premium oils for sensitive skin. CUURA is proud to offer curated products consisting of high quality natural ingredients to enhance beauty and health.

Drawing parallels between skin care and food, CUURA champions natural ingredients as used in gourmet cuisine. Also emphasized the importance of educating women about beauty, and everyday issues through their social media platforms.

CUURA at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T

Founder of the brand CUURA - Sarah Shah Nor

CUURA at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T


Sumayyah binti Nasaruddin, hold of the quote "THINK • URBAN • MUSLIM" for her company, Olloum, which has expanded into the sportswear industry. Olloum is a clothes for Muslim women and then focused on modest sportswear because there was a need in the market to represent sporty modest.

In 2018, Sumayyah also shared that she had moved on from making clothes and focused on sportswear. Olloum prefers to design clothes using RPET instead of regular polyester and incorporate more rayon and cotton into the fabric.

This income does not limit the movement of Muslim women abroad in line with the suitability of the weather in Malaysia. Olloum is committed to ensuring the comfort of Muslim women during physical activity. 

Olloum at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T

Olloum at Raya Fashion Festival Destinasi Super T

Destinasi Super T Festival
Venue:  Atrium, The Starhill Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 22 February - 3 March 2024.
Time: 10 am - 10 pm.

Till then,
Zayani Zulkiffli.

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